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Wordpress Blogs App


  • Complete Mobile application source code
  • Setup document
  • Single user license - You may use it in 1 of commercial/non-commercial project 


Configurable Flutter App for Wordpress with essential blogging features:

UI/ UX Features:

  • Android/iOS app based on Google Flutter ( http://flutter.io)
  • Google material design based - UI/UX
  • Switch colors and theme at single place


  • Wordpress - Blogs/ Categories
  • Create unlimited categories like: News & Circulars, Posts, Galleries, Events, Technology ,....
  • Blogs listings , details views with media & photos
  • Share post to social channels, whatsapp & mails
  • Featured/ Popular - Photo Card based Swipers home screen
  • Easy configurable options via JSON file
  • Wordpress REST API integrated
  • Integrate any categories /and posts pages via there REST URLs
  • Post - view as cards 
  • Post detail pages - html viewer / links/ featured media/ photos/ videos/ photo viewer
  • Custom features : about / contacts/team/speakers / gallery
  • Complete source code with detailed documentation 

Customization & Support - on enquiry basis.

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