Google Flutter mobile app for android/iOS - An ERP application

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Google Flutter mobile app for android/iOS - An ERP application

Configurable Flutter App for for OctoberERP integration v1.0 with essential ERP features for your organization:

UI/ UX Features:

  • Android/iOS app based on Google Flutter ( http://flutter.io)
  • Google material design based - UI/UX
  • Switch colors and theme at single place


  • Onsite Projects/Contacts profiles
  • Asset management & tracking
  • Offline Attendance management
  • Offline material & purchase requisitions


 This mobile app is based on our Open Source OctoberERP project. You will be required to install OctoberERP server instance.

 To know more read our site documentation at http://octobererp.com


  • Complete Mobile application source code
  • Setup document
  • Single user license - You may use it in 1 of commercial/non-commercial project 

DEMO - Android App


  • Featured/ Popular - Swipers
  • Easy configurable options via JSON file
  • Post - view as cards 
  • Post detail pages - html viewer / links/ featured media/ photos/ videos/ photo viewer
  • Share via email/ and social networks
  • Custom features : about / contacts / gallery
  • Complete source code with detailed documentation 

Add-on features :

Note* Wordpress required 

  • Wordpress Blogs/Categories REST API integrated
  • Integrate any categories /and posts pages via there REST URLs

Customization & Support - on enquiry basis.

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